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Yang Energy-Moving Lamps For Love

In recent years, there has been a trend of some pretty stunning new designs for yang energy-moving lamps, or lava lamps. Lava lamps and glitter lamps - these are brightly colored lava lamps with medtal strips floating gently inside an oil-filled envelope - are wonderful in feng shui.

It is unanimously agreed by many feng shui masters that such lamps would be perfect for activating the chi energy of any space. They would be especially excellent for keeping the energy of the Southwest moving in an auspicious fashion, thereby creating the energy of nurturing and caring - in other words, love, loyalty, and the nurturing care of matriarchal energy.

Yang Benefits

These lamps bring soothing yang chi and I have discovered them to be truly excellent for the bedroom or, in fact, just about anywhere in the home where you want this energy to flourish. You can stare at them for a long time, mesmerized by the moving pieces of metal inside the heated oil. There is a vibrancy about their light and heat they produce that moves the oil, activating the energy of the room, making it alive and happy.

Personally, I bought one glittering lamp and placed it on the Southwest corner of my bedroom to energize my love corners (Southwest is the love corners of any space). These lamps are great corner enhances to keep the energy there moving so it cannot stagnate.

Lava lamps and glitter lamps are a very stylish way to practice feng shui - very subtle and very affordable.

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