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Feng Shui Basics - The Eight-Mansions House Luck Map

The eight-mansions formula is not just a personalized formula...it also reveals the luck distribution in any home. Every building can be categorized as one of eight types of house, based on its facing direction. Usually this also means the facing direction of the main door, but if the main door is a side door, then generally it is the facing direction of the house gate or place of most yang energy. The Eight-Mansion house luck map is a very important topic in applying Feng Shui to the areas in your home!

Using The Chart

The eight-mansions chart shows which sectors of the house enjoy the four types of good luck and the four types of bad luck.

Based on your house facing direction, you can identify the eigh-mansion chart that applied to your home. Select the correct chart and superimpose it on a floor plan to identify the good- and bad-luck sectors.

Kindly note that it is always the facing palace and sitting palace, or areas, that exert the most influence on the luck of residents. Ususally, the facing palace is front center and the sitting palace is back center.

The Eight Mansions Luck Map

          Facing palace / Main door






Bad Luck


Personal Growth



Total Loss


Six Killings




Five Ghosts

                  Sitting palace

Table Of The 4 Types Of Good Luck & 4 Types Of Bad Luck:

The Four Types Of Good Luck Are:

The Four Types Of Bad Luck Are:

Sheng Chi:

prosperity, growth, expansion, success and wealth.

Ho Hai:

mild bad luck, accidents, and similar events.

Nien Yen:

marriage, relationships, romance, love, and family.

Wu Gwei:

which means five ghosts - people who wish to harm you.

Tien Yi:

good health, wellness, and freedom from illness.

Lui Shar:

which means six killings or six types of bad luck.

Fu Wei:

personal development and enhancement.

Chueh Ming:

total loss and huge misfortune

To know about your directions of your 4 types of good luck and 4 types of bad luck, refer to the Table Of Auspicious & Inauspicious Directions at "How To Calculate Your KUA Number And Know Your Auspicious Directions". Once you know your personal KUA number, you will be able to position your furnitures in your home or room according to your auspicious directions and avoid your inauspicious directions. When applied correctly, the 8-Mansions House Luck Map can bring great wealth, health and love into your life!

However, everything has a starting point and you need to understand the fundamentals of feng shui before you try to feng shui anything yourself...If done wrongly, bad feng shui can bring tremendous misfortunes and harms to you and your loved ones! So please......download the "26 Feng Shui Secrets" e-book below and study it thoroughly before applying feng shui yourself. You will definitely learn alot from this wonderfully-written e-book!

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Your life will become a place of love, peace, calm and wealth by putting to practice the 26 Feng Shui Secrets.

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