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Increase Your Popularity With Wind Chimes In Your Living Room

There has been a great deal of contradictory recommendations regarding the use of windchimes as a feng shui-enhancing tool. It is myth that quite a handful of people believe that windchimes in the home could well attract wandering spirits who thus disturb the energies of the home. I have asked many Feng Shui experts before and they unanimously assured me that windchimes do not attract "spirit". On the other hand, if applied correctly, windchimes can actually ward off evil and harms and bring great fortunes and health to you and your loved ones.

In fact, windchimes are an excellent enhancing tool for you and your loved ones! I have hung windchime in my home for over many years and they have brought me nothing but good luck and good fortune.

My life has changed for the better ever since I introduced windchimes and placed them at the correct directions in my home.

The key to creating auspicious energy by hanging windchimes is to determine the following three things:

1. One very important point when introducing windchimes into your home is that: Whether you are using windchime made of wood, ceramic or metal. The material that your windchime is made of can enhance or destroy the element of the "corner" in which it is placed. Thus it is vital to get this right. To enhance energies of corners use windchimes according to the element of the corner.

This means metal chimes are best for the West, Northwest, and North. Ceramic chimes are best for Southwest, Northeast and Center. Wood chimes are best for East, Southeast and South.

2. Take note of the number of rods you have in your windchime. To enhance luck, use 6, or 8 rods. To suppress bad luck, use 5 rods.

3. Whether you are using windchimes to suppress the bad luck of specific corner, or structure. Or whether you are using windchimes as feng shui energizing and enhancing tool. If you are using it to press down the bad luck caused by an offensive structure or poison arrow, then you should use a metal windchime with five rods.

To enhance your social popularity, hang either a 2 or 9 rod windchime made of either crystal or ceramics in the SOUTHWEST corner of your LIVING ROOM. Please take extra note that this is a feng shui enhancing method best implemented in the public areas of your home. Thus do not apply this method in the bedroom or the study area.

To attract influential people into your life, select a windchime with 6 or 8 rods made of metal and hang it in the NORTHWESTERN part of the LIVING ROOM.

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