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Identifying the Feng Shui Money Area in Your Home or Office

Do you know how to find and ‘activate’ the Feng Shui money area in your house for better wealth and prosperity?

According to Feng Shui theories, every house or office has its own money area, which is known as the area connected to your money, or financial prosperity. Identifying the correct money area in your property and activating it can help leverage your success, wealth, and bring you more good luck. This article will discuss several ways to activate and enhance the money area in your house using Feng Shui items. The Feng Shui item that needs to be displayed in the money area should be considered carefully based on many internal aspects such as your gender, time-date-year of birth, and external aspects including the position and direction of the house or office, etc.

The most basic and well-known money area is located in the Southeast corner area of your home or office. However, it might or might not work depending on how the property is constructed. According to Feng Shui, the money area is defined as one or more specific areas in a property that can attract and, more importantly, retain the energy of wealth and prosperity.

1. If the Door is on the Right or Left Side of the House or Office:

2. If the Door is in the Center of the House or Office:

  • The money area must be supported by a sturdy wall behind it to retain the wealth and prosperity energy it attracts.

  • The money area should be clean, and bright. If the natural light is not able to reach the money area, a wall lamp or standing lamp should be used to keep the money area bright.

  • The Feng Shui items that represent money such as a Feng Shui coin tassel, a basket of Feng Shui coins, or money indoor plants can be displayed at money area to attract prosperity.

  • The money area should be decorated with a healthy indoor plant. You should use plants with big and thick leaves such as a Rubber plant, Dracaena Janet Craig, or Fiddle-leaf fig. The indoor plants displayed at money corner should be planted in soil, not in water.

Identifying the money area in your home or office is easy to do by following the information provided above. Once you locate your money area, you will need to place a Feng Shui item or items in that area to maximize your benefit.

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