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Flying Star Chart In The Year Of Earth Ox

The year of the Earth Ox is based on the 12 chinese zodiac signs. The chinese zodiac signs is different for every year. Due to the changes of zodiac signs, your luck and fortune also changes yearly.

One of the most important aspect of feng shui that you must take into consideration every year is: Each year's annual flying stars change locations. Good and bad stars flying into new sectors bring different energies to each compass locations of your home and office. Knowledge on these locations enables you to install shielding remedies protecting against misfortunes while enhances bring out the best of luck.

In analyzing the combination of stars in each palace, it is important to support or activate the good stars and cure the bad stars. Stars are good and can bring tremendous luck when they are timely and stars are bad when they have past their time. So, timeliness of the stars is very important when analyzing flying star chart that's why fengshui is the study of time and space.

5 Yellow Star

In the Earth Ox year, 5 Yellow, a misfortune star has arrived in the North Sector. It is one of the most dangerous star that indicates accidents, illness and just bad luck all round. Do not attempt any groundbreaking, renovation or drilling in this sector as you will disturb the 5 yellow. An auspicious time and date selection must be given to perform these activities.

This extremely evil star does not want to be disturbed. You should also spend less time in this area if this happens to be a family room or if this happens to be your bedroom, consider sleeping in another room. Lots of metal is the cure. 

If your main door or bed is positioned in the sector, you will need to weaken its negative qi with Metal Cure.

To suppress the 5 yellow star, my strong recommendation is to hang or place a pair of 5 Elements Pagoda on the North Sector of your home or room. Another great alternative is to hang a Ba Jiao Fan on the North Sector area of your home.

Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui)

Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui), that occupies 15 degree of the Northeast Sector (NE1) should not be disturbed at any cost. You will experience defeat, obstacles and loss if you confront it with activites like groundbreaking. Do not sit and face towards this direction in your office. As an alternative, sit with your back towards this direction for support.

It is not advisable to sit facing Tai Sui. You may sit with your back to Tai Sui for support but the ideal solution is to avoid sitting or facing Tai Sui. If your front door or office desk faces the direction of Tai Sui in any given year, the traditional cure is to place a Dragon Pi Yao or Tortoise headed Dragon in the location of Tai Sui to appease its influence. Again, it is strongly advised not to disturb the ground of the location where Tai Sui sits for the year.

To suppress the Grand Duke Jupiter this year, you should place or hang a pair of 6 Emperors' Coins at the the Northeast sector of your home or room. Alternatively, you can also place a Mystic Knot at the Northeast sector of your home.

2 Sickness Star

2 Sickness Star, a misfortune star has arrived in the West Sector for the year. It is a dangerous star that indicates illness, chronic ailments, accidents, stress and lost of wealth. Do not attempt any groundbreaking, renovation or drilling in this sector. An auspicious time and date selection must be given to perform these activities. If your main door is location is in the Northwest Sector, a metal cure remedy is needed to weaken its energy. If possible, avoid sleeping in this area.

The remedy to the 2 Sickness Star this year, is to place a pair of Hematite Tortoises at the West Sector of your home or room. Alternatively, you can also place or hang a 8 Treasures Hulu at the West Sector of your home.

7 Robbery Star

An inauspicious star located at East Sector this year, brings gossip, accidents, violence, financial losses, loss of jobs, bad reputation, burglary and robbery. Do not activate this sector and avoid placing metal element in this sector.

If this is where your front door is or you have a window in this section, make sure it is shut and secured.

My strong advise is to place a pair of Hematite Rhinos at the East Sector of your home or room to suppress this 7 Robbery Star.

Three Killing

Three Killing occupies 75 degree of a compass reading ( 5 mountains ) in the East Sector. Without proper time given, do not attempt any groundbreaking in this area as it can bring misfortunes like financial loss, injury and sickness.

Feng Shui also advocates that you should never sit with your back to The Three Killings. Instead you should sit facing it. This brings us to the many emails we have received asking about the positioning of sofas in the living room. Although the advice is that you should not sit with your back to the Three Killings, this refers not so much to isolated incidents. It is prolonged periods of time spent in this position that affect you more.

If you sit at your office desk with your back to The Three Killings this could affect your performance at work or your relationships with people with whom you work in the office. These effects include poor performance, obstacles, lack of focus or loss of concentration. There may also be gossip and back stabbing.

The remedy to the Three Killing is you can place a pair of Chi Lin on your desk facing the Three Killings direction in the East Sector.

Age Break (Sui Po)

Age Break occupies 15 degree of Southwest sector (Opposite Grand Duke Jupiter). Do not attempt any groundbreaking. You should treat this area the same as the other annual afflictions with no groundbreaking work, renovations or any noisy activities. If disturbed this area can and normally will cause immediate health problems especially for the elderly so please be very careful.

If you have to carry out work or emergency repairs in the southeast place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the building and where the work is being carried out and ideally you should contact a professional Practitioner to select an auspicious date to start the work.

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