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Feng Shui Tips for the Entrance

Chi must be able to flow through your home from the front to the back freely. It need not flow in a straight path, but in a curved manner. The main entry way in the home needs to be the right size. It does not need to be too big as chi will escape the home easily. A wind chime placed outside the door will help keep sha (negative energy) away. The entry hall is important in feng shui since it is the place where one may linger once they enter the home or leave. A person gets energy from the chi flowing in the home. If a hall has no doors or windows and is closed in, then the chi is stagnant. A small ceiling fan or fountain will resolve this. If the entry door way to a home is too small, chi will not be able to enter the house. A mirror can be hung to correct this problem. The mirror has to be hung on the wall that is opposite from the door on either side of the door.

A feng shui entrance needs to be set up so that it is inviting to chi. The entrance is the major point at which energy will start to flow inside. Whatever mood is set at the door will reflect the chi that enters in the home or business. There should be no pictures or displays that can be overwhelming. Instead, opt for a beautiful display of fresh floral arrangements and decorations that are pleasing to look at and make others feel welcome. When you step up to the door, your front entrance will either give off an aura of success and abundance or one of laziness and misfortune. When you pull up to a business or hotel and see the landscaping and the maintenance of the building’s entry way, you make evaluations immediately. You feel satisfaction or disappointment. Your home must be able to welcome you in the same way; with open loving arms.

Allow energy to flow into your home by clearing clutter from your yard, pathway and front porch. Place a tall plant on both sides of your front door. Hanging lighting around the front porch will attract opportunities. A water fountain can be placed on the right side of the main door to welcome fortunate energy each time you open the front door. All of these are welcoming feng shui tips for your entry way.

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Feng Shui Tips for the Entrance

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