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How Feng Shui Can Help To Enhance And Protect Your Love Life

Tap on the wisdom of Feng Shui to make sure that the two of you will always be together... lovingly ever after... You have found your love partner and both of you are already thinking of tying the knots. However, life is full of ups and downs and you will never know what will happen next. Hence, you need to really protect your loving relationship with your other half.

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Energizing Your Love Corner In Your Bedroom

In addition to the general feng shui tips on love romance, you can also energize and protect your personalized "nien yen" direction and location. Check your personal nien yen direction at "How To Calculate Your KUA Number And Know Your Auspicious Directions"; then try to get at least 3 of the following to describe your personal space.

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How To Get Your Love Partner To Commit With You

If you problem is getting your love partner to make a commitment, to propose marriage, or simply to acknowledge you are an "item" then, in addition to displaying a crystal in the Southwest corner of love, you should give strength to the crystal by installing a very bright light there.

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Yang Energy-Moving Lamps For Love

In recent years, there has been a trend of some pretty stunning new designs for yang energy-moving lamps, or lava lamps. Lava lamps and glitter lamps - these are brightly colored lava lamps with medtal strips floating gently inside an oil-filled envelope - are wonderful in feng shui.

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Feng Shui Coins For Abundant Wealth

One of the best tip I ever received concerned all the small little ways I could use three Chinese coins to activate and symbolize a never ending source of income for myself. The easiest and most novel recommendation I put into practice was the placement of three coins tied with red thread into my wallet.

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Enhance Your Earning Power With Auspicious Symbols!

One will wonder what is the prime drive behind the practising Feng Shui as it is gaining great popularity in society these days. Some of the reasons for people to have an interest in Feng Shui are to enhance one's income luck or the need to better ourselves.

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8 Great Ideas For Enhancing Wealth

One of the best feng shui tips to attracting plenty of wealth into your home is to use three-legged toads with a coin in its mouth! If you want good fortune into your home, this auspicious creature is your best bet.

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Great Tips To Activate Your Career Luck

Having serious ambitions? Desiring to make it big in your career? Having a career transition? Or simply just want to find a suitable and good job to keepstart your career right now? You can definitely use Feng Shui to give your ambitions a boost. Good career feng shui usually manifests in the form of increased opportunities.

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How To Find Greater Success With Feng Shui

In this current world's recession, finding a good job is as good as trying to find a needle in the deep ocean. In addition, the unemployment rate is so high that many job seekers are vying with one another for a good job. In fact, you should find yourself lucky even to just land a simple job. But I know in my heart that you won't want to just settle for a low-paying job with no advancements in your career life.

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8 Tips On Choosing Your Personal Work Space

I strongly recommend that you should try to select your "work space" carefully if you want to enjoy good feng shui at work. Naturally some people will have a greater say in where they may have their office than others. Nonetheless, you should do what you can to observe the following feng shui guidelines on choosing your personal workspace.

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Enhance Your Recognition Luck With Feng Shui

The ultimate boost to careers is for one's efforts, skill and expertise to be acknowledged and recognized by someone in authority. Indeed, luck has often been described as being in the right place at the right time. In fact, this means that if one has the luck, one will certainly catch the eye of someone who is in a position to enlarge one's responsibilities and gain the essential recognition that one so strongly desire.

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10 Great Feng Shui Tips For Your Business Or Home Office To Bring Harmony, Career Luck and Wealth

Most of us spend a lot of time in office for work. Regardless of whether it is in your employer's office or your home office, the office environment can at times be very challenging. Relationship with your colleagues or business partners is a very important factor to unpleasant office politics.

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10 Feng Shui Tips on How to Activate Career Corner of Bedroom

In feng shui, there are many feng shui tips to help you activate your career corner of your bedroom to bring in career opportunities and great income luck. There are numerous feng shui cures and feng shui remedies to enhance your career luck to generate good fortune for your career opportunities. However, I am going to touch on the top 10 most potent feng shui tips to activate your career luck.

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Feng Shui Tips For Childless Couples Trying To Conceive

One reason I am so enamoured of Feng Shui is that it really can bring enormous happiness to one's life, especially when it involves making one's family life happier and more meaningful. It is especially effective in helping couples who want children but seem to be having a hard time conceiving.

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Happy Family Portraits Bring Togetherness

One of the best and most effective methods of creating a sense of family togetherness is to hang a large family portrait in a place of honor in the living room or family room. Every member of the family should be included in the portrait, and to symbolize happiness, every member should be smiling.

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How To Cope With Children Difficulties

I strongly advise that you must check the Feng Shui of your home if you are having problems with your children. First and foremost, you should walk through your house and scrutinize whether anything, any structure or object may be harming your front door OR the beds and desks of your children.

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