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Feng Shui Health Tips For General Health and a Good Emotional State

Feng Shui is a system in aesthetics that have long been used by the Chinese people. They believe that arranging a room in a certain way or bringing certain items with them can help in attracting more of the positive Chi, which can ultimately improve their quality of life. If the wrong elements are present, the health of the residents could possibly suffer.

Various elements in Feng Shui can help to improve the quality of oneís health such as fountains, plants, air, light, color and sound, among others. When they are used properly, these elements can help in decreasing the negative energy, Sha Chi, thus improving oneís health. How do indoor plants help in promoting oneís health? It actually purifies the air that enters the house, thus improving the health of the residents. There is no specific rule as to where to place these indoor plants. Those that have rounded leaves may also bring wealth into the home.

Air is another essential element that should always be welcomed into the home. Because air acts like fuel to our human bodies, feng shui experts advice homeowners to allow more open windows so that air can pass in and out of the house easily. The same thing should also be done for light. Fluorescent lights may already have become a big part of our daily lives but it is still recommended that they be replaced with regular ones. Fluorescents can bring negativity into the homes, especially in terms of mental health. Experts believe that the use of such items can increase the tendency of having bipolar swings and fatigue to the residents of the house.

Certain elements such as water, color and sounds can influence the way a person feels. Water, such as fountains, can help soothe and relax a person and it may be placed in any part of the home. However, it is not recommended to place them in the bedroom as you might find it difficult to sleep. Colors can also affect a personís mood and feelings greatly. Certain colors can be considered happy colors while others may bring about a feeling of sadness or gloom. One may actually have their room colors changed, depending on what will make them feel good. Sound is also another Feng Shui element that may be altered to soothe and relax a person. They can be placed around the house in the forms of chimes, bells and many others.

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