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26 Feng Shui Secrets To Increase Your Wealth, Harmony And Romance


Thousands of satisfied customers all agree that this e-book is truly exceptional and educational, which is why it's so popular. It's teachings on how to apply feng shui to your home and life are so far ahead of the competition that people who downloaded and read it have improved their life tremendously!

Straightforward, easy-to-follow tips along with beautiful photographs and detailed diagrams to give you ideas on how to implement Feng Shui in your home.

Unlike other books, you won't waste your time with ideas that are not a part of the ancient Feng Shui tradition - guaranteed.

Learn how to feng shui your bedroom to ward off illnesses and bring good health and good fortune to yourself and your loved ones.

Learn proven feng shui tips on how to improve your wealth and bring great money luck into your life.

Learn how to use the five feng shui elements -- wood, fire, earth, metal, and water -- to select and enhance your feng shui cures and improve the energy of your home.
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What is Feng Shui? Feng Shui is a Chinese art and science that is about the balancing of energy to promote health and fortune for the people inhabiting an area. The practice of Feng Shui dates back to over three thousand years and was developed based on the idea that land and nature is filled with Chi or energy and how this energy occupies a space is what brings in a good harvest.

Feng (pronounced Fung) represents wind, where Shui (pronounced Shway) stands for the element of water. The belief is that the harmonious balance between gentle winds and clear water, leads to health and fortune.

When applied correctly, Feng Shui can bring good luck and good fortune to anyone. The principles of Feng Shui can be used to create a harmonic environment within your home, increase wealth and prosperity and increase the happiness that occurs within the four walls of your home.

Your home is not just a structure of walls, but also a place of relaxation and reprieve from everyday life. It is believed that the elements of your home greatly affect your daily life and Feng Shui can help direct this.

It is impossible to become a feng shui expert overnight, especially since incorporating these principles into your home demands a careful study into the geography and orientation of the property itself. You also have to determine several different aspects such as the Chinese zodiac sign and the lucky number of each household member. There's a plethora of factors you have to take into consideration in order to achieve the 'perfect' or ideal feng shui setup at home.

Hence, we need to understand the basics of Feng Shui before we try to do our own Feng Shui arrangements in our home or workplace. My strong advise is that you should read up more on Feng Shui Resources and Feng Shui Books and understand the solid foundations behind it before you start implementing any of the Feng Shui tips and guide. It is of paramount importance that we master the fundamentals of Feng Shui and understand that Feng Shui is not a religion but a science. We also need to make sure we do not become too superstitious after learning Feng Shui as it would only do us more harm than good. We should not go to the extreme aspects and cause inconveniences for ourselves.

There should be a balance for everything and so is Feng Shui. A smart person will study Feng Shui and use it accordingly and correctly on his or her life. He or she should practise Feng Shui only after having studied and understood the basics of Feng Shui. All of us can benefit from Feng Shui if we ensure a balance when applying this art of improving our lifestyle.

Embrace and give positive energy to your environment through love and joy, and it will reflect the same energy back to you. Remember that Feng Shui is about balance and harmony.

Decluttering - The First Step To Feng Shui Your Life

Feng Shui tradition states that the home breathes like a living organism. The vital force, chi, enters the home through doors and windows and should be able to flow unobstructed around the corridors and rooms.

A messy and haphazard home or room is definitely going to affect the inhabitant's health, fortune and luck because harmful sha chi or killing energy will begin to build up. The accumulated clutter in the house can lead to a difficulty in life which will materialize in the sector of the Magic Square in which the clutter sits. A cluttered, messy home may also lead to neurosis and terrible worry entering your life. In addition, the clutter could lead to volatility of emotions and troubles in affairs of the heart.

Not all of us are perfect home-makers, indeed, some of us actually like to live in chaos! However, from a feng-shui point of view, a disorganized home will lead to a disorganized life.

Hence, the most important basics of practising good feng shui in the house is to tidy up your house or rooms! In fact, feng shui is actually practising your common sense! Feng shui is about enhancing good energy in the house. If your home is in great shape, you feel fine. You feel proud. But if it's a mess, you shrink inside. You feel embarrassed. You berate yourself for not making the room look good, as you had planned a hundred times to do but never did.

The practising of decluttering in feng shui goes far beyond your own environment. The effect of decluttering will open door after door for you in your personal and career life. Decluttering releases the bonds that have been holding you back. Decluttering ignites the fires of energy within you - energy you didn't even know you had! The stress in your face and body will ease and your confidence will return. Things start to fall into place in every area of your life when you declutter your surroundings.

Learn How To Get Your Home In Order Almost Immediately!

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