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Feng Shui Taboo On Hanging Washing Out Overnight

For as long as I can remember from my study of Feng Shui, the taboo of leaving clothes out overnight has always been in my consciousness. I studied and learnt from various Feng Shui books that hanging one's clothes out at night attracted the energies of wandering spirits to get attached to the clothes so that when worn, the bad energies of these spirits will cause us to have bad luck.

Those were of course old wives' tales! Nevertheless, many feng shui masters also warn against hanging clothes and other washing on the clothesline after dark. But their reasoning has greater appeal for me. They explain this taboo in terms of the unlucky vibes caused by the clothes absorbing the excessive yin energies of the night. The same is said also for bedsheets, quilts and blankets.

It is for this same reason that feng shui practitioners of the East are often reluctant to hang clothes to dry in dark windowless rooms.

They prefer to hang clothes out in the open air and during the daylight hours. This allows clothes to absorb the yang energies of the bright sunlight, thereby imbuing the clothes with life energy rather than listless yin energy.

Hence, the bottomline is: Always hang your washing out in the bright daylight!

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