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How Feng Shui Can Help To Enhance And Protect Your Love Life

Tap on the wisdom of Feng Shui to make sure that the two of you will always be together... lovingly ever after... 

You have found your love partner and both of you are already thinking of tying the knots. However, life is full of ups and downs and you will never know what will happen next. Hence, you need to really protect your loving relationship with your other half.

There are various Feng Shui tips that you can tap into to help enhance and protect your love life. Let me introduce you to some of these Feng Shui items for love and marriage.

Get Yourself a Pair of Matching Double Happiness Wedding Bands! 

The Double Happiness Symbol has always been cherished as one of the most powerful symbols of conjugal harmony.

Wearing this potent energizer of happiness close to your body will successfully create the excellent chi of marital bliss.

In the Home of the Blissfully Married, you will be able to find some of these wonderfully potent auspicious symbols which are specially designed to attract the beneficial energies that bless the happy couple and their family members with a continous stream of good fortune, happiness and prosperity luck.

Carry this Powerful Dragon and Phoenix Medallion with the Mystic Knot in order to Protect your Union from Harmful Forces 

The celestial Dragon and Phoenix, when depicted together, symbolize a blissful marriage that is blessed with success and prosperity as well as filial children. The Chinese characters “Sheng Zhi Jing Pai,” meaning “Emperor’s Decree Gold Medallion,” ensures that the bearer of this powerful coin amulet will always be protected against all malign influences.

Hang a Pair of Auspicious Red Lanterns in the Southwest Corner of Your Bedroom to Energize for Matrimonial Bliss as well as Excellent Children Luck

You should light up the southwest corner of your home with a pair of these red lanterns to infuse it with a dash of precious yang energy. The celestial Dragon and Phoenix, depicted in gold, symbolize a blissful marriage that is blessed with success and prosperity as well as filial children. The red jasper beads combine the elements of fire and earth to ignite robust romance luck for newly-wed couples and helps in pregnancy and childbirth as well. Keep them constantly lit to create excellent matrimonial luck and to energize for a fruitful marriage leading to many healthy children.

Display the Double Carp in the Living Room for a Happy Union and Harmony in your Home

The Double Carp is an excellent energizer for marriage luck. These auspicious carp symbolize abundant good fortune and marital bliss. A pair of carp also ensures joyous unions. Display this auspicious carp anywhere in your home to enjoy abundant good fortune. For a happy marriage, display the double carp symbol in the southwest of your home or in your personal Nien Yen corner.

Double Happiness Amulets with a Red Mystic Knot for Enduring Happiness in Marriage

These beautiful peach aventurine amulets displaying the Double Happiness symbol are excellent energizers for happiness and enduring love between husband and wife. Display them in the southwest corner of your bedroom, or carry them in your bag (one for each of you).

Display a Single Stalk of Fully Bloomed Pink Coloured Silk Lotus with One Bud to Energize for the Perfect Union

The Lotus represents ultimate purity and perfection as it rises untainted and exquisitely beautiful from the depths of muddy waters. A single stalk of lotus with a bud signifies the perfect union. Place it in a vase and display it in your living room to invite the precious chi of purity in love.

Conclusion - You have to make the effort to make any relationship work!

Believing in the art of feng shui for marriage and love may indeed attract a positive energy between the couple or even the person looking for love and lifetime commitment. However, let's always bear in mind that good communication, respect, fidelity and most of all unconditional love, play the most important factor in making any relationship work.

Source: the famous Feng Shui Master: Lillian Too. Visit her site @http://www.wofs.com/index.php

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