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Excessive Yang Energy From Sunlight Is Bad

While it is excellent to energize your desk top and the corners of your home or office, it is also important not to forget about the balance of yin and yang energies in the home or office. Generally speaking, the presence of precious yang energy is very important and beneficial in a home or office environment.

However, when there is too much yang energy, the effect can be catastrophic. Excessive yang energy often comes in the form of strong sunlight caused by a home or office that has a west-facing wall. The brightness and heat of the afternoon sun, especially during the summer months can create an excess of fire energy. Such a situation will create disharmony in the home or office.

Flared tempers and impatience will be the order of the day. You must do something about it if this describes your home or office situation.

Curtains To Block Out Excessive Sunlight

Use fairly heavy drape curtains to block out the afternoon sun completely. If you live in the Tropics like I do, the afternoon sun can be so glaring and hot that it will completely dissipates my energy. The most effective way of combating this excessive yang energy of the sun is to use the water element. Thus curtains should be blue to simulate the water element. White curtains are also very effective since the West is the place of metal and white is symbolic of metal. Although the fire burns metal, and thus can overcome white, if you use thick drapes the sunlight will be kept out. You will find after doing this that the yang energy comes under control and people will be less quarrelsome.

Hanging Cut Crystals To Dissipate Excessive Sunlight

Another great method of controlling excessive sunlight is to hang balls of Swarovski cut crystal to catch the sunlight. This creates wonderful rainbows inside the home or office by breaking up the light into colors.

This method seeks to harness the good energies of the sun and is best used in countries where the sun is not too hot. In the Tropics, unless the sunlight is kept out with curtains, drapes and shutters, the glare will turn the energy hostile despite the presence of the crystals and the rainbow sunlight. Hence, this method of hanging cut crystals to dissipate excessive yang energy of the sunlight is usually more useful for people living in non-tropical areas where sunlight is not that glaring and strong. People living in the Tropical areas should still stick with the method of using curtains to block excessive sunlight.

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