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Enhance Your Recognition Luck With Feng Shui

The ultimate boost to careers is for one's efforts, skill and expertise to be acknowledged and recognized by someone in authority. Indeed, luck has often been described as being in the right place at the right time. In fact, this means that if one has the luck, one will certainly catch the eye of someone who is in a position to enlarge one's responsibilities and gain the essential recognition that one so strongly desire.

My sentiment is that, Feng Shui works wonders in enhancing this type of luck. Throughout my career days, every effort I put in, every piece of work I did, often got recognized and acknowledged which greatly enhanced my climb up the ladder. I was always peppered with gratifiying instances of recognition. Those were my best days in my career indeed.

Now, I am going to share ONE career tip on getting recognized. You have to accept the fact that it is not enough to be hardworking and clever. Almost everyone has some skills to speak of and many people work very hard yet never get recognized. A person has to be perceived as success material, only then can one's attributes get translated into promotions, higher income, more responsibilities and so forth. However, this requires luck, and Feng Shui can often provide this kind of luck.

The following practice that I am going to recommend you is a very power Feng Shui method for enhancing recognition luck. All throughout my working life, I always placed a very large rectangular cut crystal made by Tiffany's on my desk top. I particularly chose a rectangular shape because this shape represents the best element for enhancing my recognition luck. In addition, it was also in harmony with the celestial dragon of the East.

I will place this crystal on the left-hand side of my desk and often used it as a paperweight. The combined energies created by the intrinsic earth essence of the crystal and by the wood element that represented growth were most beneficial. You can simply do the same.

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