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The time has come to get ready to go back to school. It is again necessary to think about good grades and good times, if not exactly in that order. Getting your room feng shui organized is important for both good grades and good times, whether that is a dorm room or a room at home.

To begin with, do not place your bed with the foot of the bed facing the door or the bed in the doorway where it is seen immediately upon entering the room. The bed should be placed on a wall away from doorways, windows and mirrors. This is almost impossible in a dorm room therefore, there has to be a block between these things such as chimes, plant (large artificial ones are preferred as there should not be water where you sleep). If your bathroom is also part of your bedroom, then be sure the door is closed when you go to sleep. It is believed that moving water can flush the good energy down the drain.

  • Good study habits begin with a good study environment. A feng shui spatial arrangement is conducive to good study habits and consequentially, good grades.

  • If at all possible, the desk should be placed in the corner of knowledge which is the Northeast corner of the room.

  • A small fountain of a small plant (any water feature) placed on your desk will give you a calm atmosphere. If the desk is in the bedroom place a block or barrier between the bed and the desk.

  • If your desk is cluttered, then clean it up and keep it organized.

  • Electrical cords should be placed where they cannot be seen to allow the flow of positive energy.

  • The dictionary, thesaurus or other reference material should be kept on the left side of the desk.

  • Sit at your desk with your back to the wall and face the door.

  • Keep your plant watered. If your plant should die, then get rid of it quickly as dead plants hinder the flow of positive energy.

Keep in mind that color is important in Feng Shui and your room should be painted in the proper colors, i.e. Blue for calmness, Purple for physical and mental being, Red is for luck, Green is for prosperity, Orange for study, creativity and organization, Yellow is also a good study color and provides energy.

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